Overdose Of Life is the place to discover fun, exciting, and colorful products for your life. 

Welcome to Overdose of life!

Things you live with, things you wear, things you gift… and most importantly inspiring ideas and life-changing calls. We believe at Overdose Of Life, that art is powerful and that a thoughtful design can make a huge difference. We are strong believers that our whole existence is shaped by the way we perceive it. 

Thus, we are advocating the urge to cultivate the right mindset, to teach ourselves to see the good in everything and to go after what makes our life worth living. There is something precious about creating an impact while making a living. We feel more connected that way and we love what we do even more. So if you ask us why we created Overdose Of Life, we will simply tell you to make beautiful and inspiring things!

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The artist

Hi! I’m Rahma, the founder and designer behind Overdose Of Life. I’m a self-taught artist, photographer and graphic designer. I’m passionate about all art-related subjects but mainly, I’m passionate about life itself, about discovering everything that it has to offer, living every moment to the fullest, traveling, learning new things, and most importantly making an impact while doing so.

I’m also a real Nature lover and a Green-living Advocate. I started my journey to a more sustainable lifestyle over five years ago. Coming from a scientific background, I know that just eating clean and training consistently are not enough to cultivate mindfulness. But this doesn’t mean that enjoying life is complicated either; Going for a walk in the Nature, taking deep breaths, relaxing, practicing self care, reading a good book, or simply having a conversation with your loved ones can truly add more Life to your years.

Creating is my true passion and purpose. It’s my Ikigai! Whether I’m exploring colors and types for a little heart-warming greeting card, making all-natural Beauty Products for family and friends, painting, or designing a tee-shirt for my next adventure, you will almost always find me working up some kind of pure joy! When I’m not designing, you’ll find me spending time with family and friends making delicious homemade meals, sharing Health & Beauty Tips, and exploring Nature.

 I aim to spread Positivity and Love through my designs. I believe in the power of good happy thoughts. And I believe that this universe needs more good vibes. With so much anger, hate, despair, negative self-talk, unhealthy choices, and superficiality that is eating this world alive, there is something really priceless about an uplifting message from a friend, a heart-warming note from a loved one, an encouraging call, and a cheerful, meaningful design.

the brands

Each brand will tell you something about my philosophy at Overdose Of Life, the way I pursue life, the way I choose to spend my time, and the things that I cherish the most. Each product will give you an idea about how I took the different road, left Normality and fought conformity to double down on the call I just couldn’t put away. While I’m running a small business trying to make a living by selling you my designs, I’m an artist too; and the job of an artist does not consist of just selling products, the job of an artist is more holistic and more spiritual. In fact, it is my mission to help you get the most of your life. Artists exist to help passionate people like you keep on track living a life they love, enjoying things they do, and cherishing the little things that mean the world to them. From coming up with your first (or next) adventure to making your first step into a brighter journey of self-love and mindfulness, Overdose of Life is here supporting you through your walk into the best version of yourself and life.

Stay in the know

If you’d like to stay in the know with OverdoseOf Life related news, such as newly released products, behind the scenes, and more, you may follow my journey on Instagram @overdoseoflife .

Thank you!

Thank you so much for supporting my small business! By choosing to shop small, you’re supporting a dream, a cause, and so much more! I can’t thank you enough for choosing my designs to accompany you in your space and your everyday’s moments. It truly means the world to me!